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About us

Italy is an amazing country with many little worlds inside. And all these “worlds” are different even if incredibly close one to the other. Every town has something peculiar that makes it different from the village 5 minutes away: weather, soil, traditions, food, dialects and of course, wines. That’s why in Italy there are: 73 D.O.C.G. (Guaranteed and Controlled Origin Name) wines 329 D.O.C. (Controlled Origin Name) wines 119 I.G.T. (Typical Geographical Indication) wines. For a total of 521 different denominations, over 1.000 different indigenous grapes, and over 500.000 wineries: this is our greatest beauty. WINERIES OF ITALY CONSORTIUM” has a challenging mission: to help people around the world to discover our wines and our heritage. That’s why we are self-imported wineries from all over Italy, they are all small and family owned and focus on the indigenous grapes of their land and its terroir : we believe that only if we put focus on the peculiarities of each region and of each grape, it is possible to uncover the real treasure of Italian winemaking. That’s why we organize tastings, wine dinners, workshops, and any other event that can put in touch producers and wine lovers: we want that you meet the wine makers, listen to their story and then, taste their wine.. and if you like it, it would be like you went to the winery to grab a bottle. Behind the bottle there is a world to discover: a new experience that puts together wine, land, and people.

                                                                                                                          Marcello Miali

                                                                           Brand Manager - WINEries of Italy CONSortium (WINE ICONS)

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